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Originally Posted by dannyzabolotny View Post
Hey y'all,

I just signed the paperwork and wired over the money for a 2003 X5 4.6, so it looks like I have an X5 now! It's Sapphire Black Metallic with black leather sport seats. It's pretty much fully loaded, I can't think of a single feature it doesn't have, aside from the running boards. Heated seats front & back, power seats front & back, sliding cargo tray, PDC, nav, rear window shades, tow hitch, etc.

I paid a bit under $4k for it, not including the shipping costs. I'm working on getting it shipped to my house right now— it's in Seattle and I'm here in Phoenix. How'd I get it for so cheap? Pretty simple, actually. It has 213,000 miles and it needs timing chain guides. Clean history otherwise: it's originally a Cali car, spent some time in Arizona, and then went to Seattle. No accidents and the Carfax actually shows quite a bit of dealer service. It also has a freshly rebuilt transmission so once I take care of the guides it should be quite solid. The engine still runs but it's pretty rough due to the bad guides. That's why I'm having it shipped.

Am I insane for buying an X5 4.6 with 213,000 miles and engine issues? Nah. I've done the timing chain guide + Vanos rebuild job in 6 different M62tu's (4 E39s, 1 E38, 1 Range Rover) as well as a rod bearing replacement on an S62, so this should be quite a breeze for me. I also spent the last few months daily driving a $3000 2004 Range Rover with 160k miles and zero service history (after I rebuilt the M62tu and replaced the fuel pump) and I survived just fine. Most of the parts are shared anyways, so it should all be quite familiar. I had a 2003 540i/6 M-Sport with 200,000 miles not too long ago, so high mileage really doesn't bother me— I find it quite endearing, in fact.

Anyways, enough blathering, here are some pictures. These are from the dealership and I'll post some better pictures once I receive it.

My goal with this X5 is to use it as a daily driver and an occasional tow rig. It already has a proper tow hitch so at most I'd have to just wire up the trailer harness and trailer brakes. I own a two-axle open car trailer with a friend so this will be perfect for that. My other car is a 2000 540i Touring with 183k miles that I'm always working on— I plan to turn it into an M5 Touring so that's why I need something to daily drive once I take the plunge and start the swap.

Thanks for having me here, I hope to contribute plenty to this wonderful community. Some of you guys might recognize me from Bimmer Forums, I'm super active on there too.

Well a relative cake walk for you since you know your way around the M62 engine. If you have some bent valves you can handle it and of course you can handle rod bearings.
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