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Originally Posted by X53Jay4.8is View Post
Well a relative cake walk for you since you know your way around the M62 engine. If you have some bent valves you can handle it and of course you can handle rod bearings.

Yeah, I can handle it no matter what happens with the motor. The 4.6 motors are quite hard to find so I'll do a head/valve job if I have to haha

Originally Posted by Dking078 View Post
Dam Danny! Stop buying cars XD.


It's an addiction! Though to be fair I don't hoard all the cars I buy, I generally do sell them so my garage doesn't get too crazy. Right now I have this X5 4.6, my 2000 540i Touring, my Hyundai, and a non-running 1987 Porsche 944.

Originally Posted by AV8R4AA View Post
Nice find.
I hope I get my Imola red 2003 some day.

I've been following your thread, hopefully it all works out for you! An Imola 4.6 is the best one you can get.

Originally Posted by tmv View Post

He's just another "Phoenix Aquila"

Eh, I don't buy quite enough cars to qualify for that title haha. And I've only owned one M5 so far.

Originally Posted by Anhelenuk View Post
Looks like mine minus sport seats and 140k miles. Congrats.

Thanks! As I say, at 200k+ miles, these cars are just getting warmed up!

Originally Posted by Ven View Post
Welcome. Good luck with the new ride.


Originally Posted by CleanIsFast View Post
Welcome Danny! It's actually nice to see high mileage M62s even if it needs guides.

Thanks! I'm loving the community already The M62 is a good engine aside from the guides— it doesn't burn oil, it doesn't have a tendency to smoke, and if taken care of they can be very long-lived.

Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Nice pickup. Looks great.

With that much experience in the M62... you should be quite an asset here, welcome.

Thanks! I'm planning on writing a pretty comprehensive DIY when I do the guides on this X5 and on a 2001 740i (gonna do both at the same time).
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