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Reinforcement Plate Bolts: Are they really $16 each?

2005 X5 4.4i V8

So, I took the plate off to get to the starter since the battery was dead and I couldn't get into the car. I got into the car and have a new battery and need to put the plate back on.

I have read many posts about these bolts/fasteners being 1 time use. I have seen old posts where these bolts used to be $3 each. Are they really $16 each now?

This X5 was not driven hard and the bolts have no real wear at all. Please take a look and let me know if you think that I'm safe to use these bolts again.

I just bought the vehicle and the radio doesn't work. I was told that the amp needed to be replaced. I believe it got wet. The car has an extended warranty and I just need to get it to a shop so that they can check out the amplifier and maybe order a new one.

Anyone know where I can get some cheaper screws? Would still like to use what I have if I can.

Thank you in advance.
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