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Originally Posted by dannyzabolotny View Post
Life with an X5 in the US can be summed up in two ways: gas is cheap and you still feel pretty small on the road, especially in Southern states. Even when I had my Range Rover (which was bigger and taller than an X5) I still felt pretty small in comparison to all the massive SUVs and lifted trucks on the road.

That makes me laugh, last time in the US I had a drive of the Escalade... I mean... its an aircraft carrier on wheels and the styling was as offensive as a punch in the face... the the interior had AWFUL plastic. But.. I loved driving it. Something about driving the right car in the right place, in Italy, you HAVE to drive a Alfa Romeo for example. In the UK the X5 has a bad image problem, Range Rovers only viewed slightly better but theses are very large cars on our roads. Can't see me sneaking down a country lane in a Escalade with a car coming the other way. I guess what I am trying to say is, for me, right car, right place. If I lived in the US, would I go X5 again?? hmm annoyingly... Because I would be homesick, I would go X5 but I would fantasise over a bigger truck.

Any back on to bolts. At $19 dollars per bolt maybe I should call my contact in China to bang out a 1000 bolts for me and becoming rich quick. Even if I flog them for 1/3 of the price.

Merry X5mas!
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