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Finally Solved!!!

I do apologize in advance for the untimely reply, but I have finally got this issue figured out. The transmission is fine after the rebuild and functions flawlessly and has been for the past 12k miles now. The problem with the noise I was getting is the AC compressor. I live in California and almost constantly have the AC on. Once winter rolled around and I had the AC off for once I noticed the mystery noise had gone away. So turns out the AC compressor is bad and the transmission is flawless. Basically to summarize the whole issue from the start:torque converter lockup clutch went bad and threw codes, I rebuilt the entire transmission and valve body with zf parts, and got the whole thing working again, still had similar noise and power loss issue after rebuild, finally figured out AC compressor is stealing power from the engine and vibrating when engine is over 3k rpms and giving same symptoms as when torque converter is was bad. What a journey this has been, and I couldn't have done it without this forum. I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone for the all the help and wish you all a Happy new Year!!!
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