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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Nice work Prop. I find with mounting solutions for speakers, it's much less about aesthetics and much more about solidity. No rattles, as you mentioned, is the end goal... so your mounting solutions look plenty good to me. Definitely a great value for the enjoyment factor, though I admit, I am biased when it comes to audio mods as a quasi-audiophile. Very few things make me feel better than listening to music be reproduced accurately in a vehicle I really enjoy driving.

What impedance are those drivers btw? I assume they match the factory drivers to play nice with the factory amp. Do you have DSP?
I agree with you Crystalworks with comment on the mounting solutions of the OE system. This is why I chose a speaker that could work with this mount. The impedance on the JLs that I run are 4 ohms as opposed to the 8 ohm O.E. drivers.
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