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e53 Fuel Supply Detailed (fuel pump / siphon pump diagnostic help)

I'm just curious if the test six is compensating for the amount of fuel in the surge tank. When the float is at the top and there is 8L of gas the test six registers 1.4 in my wife's x5. Mine is not running to do a comparison. I would love to see some test six feedback from others with less than 1/2 tank. I am planning to open the tank and take a look when the low fuel light comes on and then maybe also when the the DTE is "on fumes".

Update: After getting a chance to run the car down to the reserve tank I was able to establish a few things:

➀ the reserve tank holds 5L of gas
➁ only the baseline right tank is included in computations
➂ the light comes on at a calculated 8/10L
➃ that leaves up to a gallon of gas once the calculated amount and DTE are both zero
➄ that means you will have 15-20 miles left when DTE and test six both are 0.0

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