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Originally Posted by tiage46 View Post
Quick question, if anyone has the answer. Are the front and rear midbass baskets interchangeable?

Don't want to go too OT but:
I went with the Focal 165A1SGs components in the front (they are hot glued in NOT coming out lol) and thinking about moving them to the back and going with something different for the front stage. I think I'm going to just bypass the DSP amp and try out this HU: (larger display, more vertically mounted rather than at an angle, and looks more like modern BMWs)
The screen sticking out looks like a poor integrated head unit although it does mimic the newer 3 -series and lower BMW models. Its one of those things on the new BMWs that look like it came out of a catalog from JC Whitney. Definitely not a fan of the non integrated look but to each there own.
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