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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Are you looking to donate as a donor set and then do a new one and hone your install techniques? - or to test in someone else's X to see if it doesn't rattle?
Well.. not just the rattle. Really the sound (sans rattle of course). Like ya throw these in and you get BSW-esque performance for $100. Kinda tough to beat that. I'm not trying to start a bizness by any means, but I will admit that this has been fun.

It's been fun enough to offer to help someone who doesn't own a soldering gun or an inclination of tin snips and silicon. The bits and freight would probably cost me ab $100, so if somebody wants to try, I'll donate my time and some silicone to see what it's like. But as much as I would like to throw some actual cash in the direction of my friends, I'm not that kinda rich yet.

And if I keep the E53s on the road for another 7 years, I likely will not ever be.
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