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Originally Posted by X53Jay4.8is View Post
Looking at the specs of the VR I would surmise that the TR is a replacement for those speakers. Still a better performer than the stock drivers in the X5.
I'm glad you looked. I had no idea. I really just wanted the x-overs.

But seriously... They'll be great in her car. I removed the grills from the OE HK's on the rear deck and they looked like originals of the Declaration of Independence. I ordered another set from a link here for $140 shipped. That's less than $10 from these and gets me x-overs for the rears as well.

The X5 is missing it's transmission at the moment, so I may be able to get some progress on running the cables for the expected Android unit. What I NEED to do is settle down on the E46 install and see how this Eonon unit handles. All in due time.
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