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BMW MKIV not working after trying to update.

Hello all

We recently bought a 2002 530i with a MKIV OBC/Nav unit. I went to update it and due, I think, to grit in the DVD drive (which I think I've now cleared), the update didn't go through (no warning and progress screens). Now, although the radio works, I only get a blank screen, no OBC/Nav. Before starting, everything seemed to be working although it was showing an incompatible disk message for the map disk; when I ejected it the disk was very badly scratched and as I say, there was obviously grit in the drive and the first two upgrade disks I tried also got scratched.

The issue is much the same as in this post

Since then I have tried downgrading to v24 and there is no sign that the unit is responding to the disk; I think the OS is now corrupted. The only thing that happens is that if I turn on the ignition to position 2, I get a small blue screen with the settings menu in small type, with the language in the default German. It stays on the screen just long enough for me to change the language and perhaps Fahrenheit to Centigrade, and
then disappears.

While it is on-screen, the language on the dashboard display is in English; as soon as it disappears the language reverts to German. This screen is like the last of the three images in this thread

I'm guessing that either the DVD player needs replacing, or I need to install the OS directly to the OBC. I have looked at the NavCoder site but Rolf doesn't seem to stock the USB lead any more. I am in Bedfordshire,
UK; I don't know if there is anyone anywhere close to me with the software and lead and otherwise can anyone help with suggestions, please?


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