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I had a similar issue and just fixed it.

Hot air blowing on feet
Heater/AC Control panel not turning on
Fuse #48 blown
replace fuse #48 and panel lights up, turn on AC with engine off and fuse blows.

- remove control panel face carefully.
- use air can to blow out small squirrel cage fan located on bottom of control module. In my case a lot of dust came out and cleaned out the slotted vents on the left front of the panel.
- replace control panel carefully. I cracked the outside frame most likely because it became brittle with age. Push on the center and not the edge frame when reinstalling. Can't see the damage now it's back in, but next time it gets removed it will fall apart I'm sure.
- replace #48 fuse (used 10a since I blew all the 7.5a, need to buy more now and replace the 10a)
- test buy turning on AC with engine off and on.

This worked as a fix on a 2003 X5 E53
2003 X5 Steel Grey
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