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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
My hope also is never to see the inside of these damn doors again.
Well, it was fah-REEZING here today so I spent some time doing indoor projects that helped fund all the others. The short story is that I am ramping up a new notebook for the younger female unit and we're completely restructuring the 'service' we as parents provide. Cloud storage, device tracking, and device management. I am professionally linked to the way large companies with 100's of thousands of devices keep them secure. Step x step, we'll have the same management in place. BUT, there is a point with this stuff at which you're just watching water boil as data gets moved around. And that is just boring.

Enter my stop in to the BMW dealer's parts counter on Friday. I lost some of those door panel screws, you see. They're screws I figured. I'll get a 1/2 dozen and be ok with losing more, right? Yeah. No. These little bastards are $5.60 EACH! I lost a record # of THREE of them! Pardon the pun... but SCREW THAT!

So, I thought like we all would that this must be a stealer at work. $6 screws? Not since Mexico, my friends. But no.. I found that the price was pretty much the same across most online outlets... (I also cocked up the trim plugs, so.. like why not fix that as well? I'll tell ya why not:

So, $40 for some screws and some covers that no one will ever freakin see. No thanks.

So motivated was I that I took a trip to the pull a part yard. I was absolutely pleased with my haul! I'm not kidding: This haul was $23.

I know what you're thinking.. WTF are those mirrors? Well.. they're auto-dimming rear view mirrors from an E38 and an E46. They go for a couple $100 on flea bay. They drop off a parts car in like 30 seconds. Fully worth the trouble whether they work or not.

Entrance to the yard cost me $2. I found the E46 without too much trouble. That it was grey inside was lucky. In a matter on minutes, I had secured 1/2 dozen of these gold-plated screws. In a moment of WTF not, I also snagged an E46 front mid range speaker grill and secure ring. This I have already used to plan for the fronts on the E46.

I can now confirm that the E46 front mids and E53 rear mids are the exact same grill and securing ring behind the panels. The Memphis mids will fit, but of course the modification will be different from the smaller mids on the rear doors. Same speakers. Very, very strange.

Anyway, I am THRILLED to report that the rear doors on the E46 are now covered, glued, and screwed. Kinda like an order of Waffle House hash browns. I am sure many of us can relate to the fine feeling that comes with such progress. I'm looking forward to the same in the E53.

It's supposed to be too cold tomorrow morning to get a head start on the front E46 doors. I will probably at least modify the Memphis units to fit into the current mids.
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