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The shop went trough the wiring and all tested out good. (Not sure about the TCM yet. Possible programming issues) The old position switch would act up warm or cold and vary random which is why we suspected internal issues in the switch that we could not solve. The new position switch is only going to limp mode when the transmission is warm. Total different faulting situations yet same code L1-L4 showing.
I suspect this is not a position switch problem now and is more heat related or adaption setting in the TCM which are changing the transmission setting after the temp reaches a certain temp. When the adaption settings change and unlocking higher gears that is when something is triggering the limp mode. Defiantly going to check the oil level tomorrow at the shop and see if that can be ruled out.
Transfer gear oil was changed at the same time as transmission.
Full calibration was completed several times as the position switch was effectively taken on and off at least a dozen times through testing processes. New/used switch was only installed once. Might have them check the connectors there again yet it seems the fault would happen all the time and not onnly when the transmission was warm?
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