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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post

M54 VCG is PN 11120030496.

* Dealer price is $40:

* Rmeuropean dot com pricing is:
- Parts Search
---> Corteco $19: I would trust Corteco, a very reputable company, major supplier for MB, BMW etc.
---> I'd not touch Elring, Victor Rein etc.

It is NOT worth the time redoing the job 2-3 times.
Thanks, I will try Corteco next; the Elring is already here (and I read Elring is OEM for m54 VCG). I also had a VR gasket fail on my S52, and replaced it with Elring, and it's good so far. As for doing 2-3 VCGs, I'd rather do 20 VCGs than 1 CCV. :-)

Ps. This is actually an X3. I've only done a CCV on a RWD e46 330i, and I am not looking forward to doing it on the AWD X3. Even replacing the X3 DISA was twice as hard than on my e46s. You X5 owners have all the room in the world.. :-)

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