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An elegant solution would be to retrofit the sulev valve cover from the M56 engine. The valve cover is aluminum, has apparently a N62 CCV valve, but the cover has to be removed to access it. There is only one hose that goes out from the top of the valve cover and attaches to the intake manifold, meaning, you either take a sulev manifold (I wouldn't because the M56 is for a 325 car, so I think it's more restrictive) or one would just cap off the original intake manifold where the other original CCV hoses get attached to it. Also, I wouldn't bother with a new dipstick, just cap off the original CCV connection. Here is a detailed post on e46 fanatics. Be sure you read to the very end, where I posted a few tidbits.

Here is how that valve cover looks with the only 1 hose attached to the intake manifold. You can see where the CCV valve is lodged on the top - the black round plastic cap:

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