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06 X3 Starts then stalls

Hey everyone, went out to start the x3 after a grocery run today and she starts, runs for 2 -3 seconds then dies. I've attempted to start her about 42 times all with the same result. I'm a noob when it comes to BMW engines and quirks so I'm here to ask if this has happened to anyone else?

In an attempt to play with the throttle to keep it running I did pin the pedal to the floor and that produced an odd scenario in that even with the throttle pinned to the floor I was idling ROUGH at around 400-600rpm. After releasing the pedal the engine died again, however on my next start I was able to throttle it to what ever RPM I desired via the gas pedal. I kept it at around 1.5-2K for the better part of a minute but once again when I released the pedal the engine died.

See videos for start up and stall sequence and start up and throttle to keep it running then stall.

I do have an OBDII bluetooth dongle that I use on some of my other Japanese vehicles w/ the torque app. I'm not totally positive that it works with BMW products, but it does say that it establishes a connection with the ECU and gives me info such as RPM, engine load, coolant temp, etc. So I'm assuming that it does in fact work fine. It however says there are ZERO DTC's when I check for fault codes.

Any info is appreciated!
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