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Riggodeaux, Thank you for the kudos...we did similar trips 5 or 6 times on our old Goldwing, but honking in the VetteVert over nearly the same route(s) was easier/better in many ways.

I would climb in and go again this summer, but maybe in a new C7 vs our 15 yr old C5. Nothing beats being out on the road for few months carving 2 lanes and seeing stuff...

I wasn't being nosy on your lease, just curious, as while I had Company Cars, (leased), for 2 1/2 decades when I carried the bag, I have actually never leased a car. We have bought our last 4 cars with cash, but I think a lease might be better for my CEO: she doesn't do but <10k miles a year, she can dump it in 3 or 4 and never have to 'worry' about an older car, etc.

I've been trying to bone up/get smarter on leasing but it's like Quantum Theory with all of the anecdotal stuff and 'deals' out there.

As for RFTs, I don't think I would care: it's her car, that I would drive on rare occasions, but worth keeping in mind.

Not an XDrive fan or AWD fan for her next car: we simply don't need AWD as we depart our Mtn Home before any serious snow and return when it's Spring. If we were still living there full time as we did, I would be more enthused about AWD. Not a huge fan/convinced about that Turbo 4 in the FWD version, (we had similar engine in 2 week traverse Iceland Trip and it was OK, but just OK), but curious to see the cost diff vs the bigger engine X Drive...

Look forward to hearing your initial review of car and any leasing tips would be appreciated!

Jeezzz, there are a lot of brands with models that fall in that size SUV category, in the Mkt these days.
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