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Nav OS V27 has been released

Thanks to Appy, V27 is now available here at X5world!! This is NOT a beta, it is the final released version of V27 that can have the Perspective Mode turned on by accessing the Nav hidden settings menu.

For those that would prefer a version with a custom X5world splash screen, I am working on that now and will be making that available here soon.

A few notes on the upgrade, but first a reminder that there are risks to doing the upgrade on your own, so do so knowing that risk is present. Although rare, problems can occur if update steps aren't followed properly or there are issues with the media. Such conditions can cause problems with the nav drive which may not be recoverable.

- The image files have been rar'd (compressed), so you will first need to un-rar them. I use a program called TugZip, but there are other programs such as WinRAR that will also do the trick.
- Once you have uncompressed the image files you will need to burn them to a CD-R using a program called Alcohol 120%, which is available as a free 30 day trial here -
- Burn the disk using a high quality CD-R disk at the lowest possible burning speed using these steps:
1. click on "image burning wizard" then click "browse" and find the folder that you extracted the two files to.
2. click on "bmw v27" (there's only one to choose) and click "open" it.
3. Under Image file information, it should list the two files. Click "Next"
4. If you didn't insert a high quality CD-R earlier, insert it and set the write speed at the slowest one (mine was 4x). Make sure the CD/DVD Recorder is set on the right drive.
5. Click "Start" and it should start burning. Once it reaches 100%, it'll be done and the disc will eject on its own.
- Once the disk is ready, follow these steps
1. Go to your vehicle and turn the ignition switch to the first position. Let the navigation system boot up and get into a normal operating mode.
2. Leaving the system on (never turn the power off during these steps!!), go back and eject the navigation CD from your drive unit.
3. Put in the V27 disk you created into your drive unit. Watch your screen and be patient. It says it will take about 6 minutes to do the upgrade, but it doesn't take that long. When itís done it will eject the CD automatically.
4. Put your navigation CD back in the drive and make sure everything is working properly.
To activate the Perspective view mode with V27 you need to do the following (thanks to 2Wires for this info):
  1. Go to the main menu and then settings. Press the menu button for about 10 seconds until a new menu appears.
  2. Check "Perspective". VoilŠ. Perspective mode is now available.
Now for what you have all been waiting for - the V27 download link

From the X5world team - Enjoy!!

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