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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
I was wondering where the thought of hijacking an e39 thread was coming from also, this being an e39 thread.

The OP started the thread because he's running a 4.6 and thought the headers might apply to e53's as well. Showing off a nice set of headers is always nice, but I think it may have also been to try and drum up interest in a seriously pricey mod. Not going to have much luck on that with these vehicles now being had for easily in the $5k range for a rough one, and only $12k-ish for a good one. Hard to justify 50%+ of purchase price for a mod that (I think) is going to net ~10-20rwhp on an m62b46 with no other mods.
The Guy that makes the headers that was referenced by the OP is m5jed on the M5 board /forum. He is easy to get a hold of if you want to find out details of the headers and what they produce. I know him because I have an E39 M5 and have bought some parts from him. I just purchased a lightened dual mass flywheel for my clutch upgrade on the M5.
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