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Originally Posted by emg2919 View Post
Just got the PPI back:

Vacuum pump (leaking) 887
Thrust Rod Bushings 599
Alignment (after) 140

Thats about 1700 before tax.

When I saw the driver drive away, I saw some white smoke coming out of the exhaust. I was under the impression the valve stems have been done, but now I am worried about pulling the trigger.

Leaning towards staying away at the moment..
Bummer but I'm not surprised. No matter how pretty it is the reality is it's still a 9yo car with 134,000 miles. Also keep in mind that for a PPI they will (and should) note anything that shows any sign of excessive wear or problem. It does not necessarily mean that something needs to be done ASAP.

Vacuum pump - Is it actually failing and need replacement or just new seals?

Thrust Rod Bushings - These are the one's I was referring to. They will knock like crazy long before there's a potential for outright failure. If you're fine with the ride you're fine IMO

Alignment - Would need to be done after replacing the bushings but most places will redo it for free within a year so check the receipts.

Obviously, the white smoke (hopefully steam?) needs to be investigated. With the car cold you can wipe the inside of both tail pipes with a paper towel. You should just find dry black soot. Any oil residue all the way back there and there is definitely a problem. Small amounts of oil won't make it back there though so given the valve seals are a known potential problem I would call whoever did the PPI and ask them HOW they inspected for this. You'll have to use their answer to that and gauge how much faith you have in them not mentioning them leaking.
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