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Swapping out OEM Nav 16:9 unit with aftermarket non-Nav unit

Hi guys. Wanted to know something. I know the issue of what Sat Nav swap with aftermarket has been killed over and over. But what about if you want to replace the OEM Sat Nav with a non-GPS DVD Radio unit? What is necessary to take out the OEM unit and plug in an inexpensive Double DIN DVD radio *without the Sat Nav*? Is it just running the aerial wire? Do you still need the unit in rear for power? Or can all that be bypassed? This is the plain jane version of the OEM Nav unit so no subwoofer or tweeter issues here. Also no phone, but would like to get the SWC to work if possible to get the BT and iPhone to work. Sounds like a lot. Just wondering if anyone knows if even can be done. I have a cheapie Chinese DVD radio unit and wanted to install but will hold off or return if it becomes mission impossible. Truck is X5 3.0i 2001

- Amrathe
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