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Originally Posted by Mr. Bmw
Ok to this update but now some questions come into my mind....

This update is not for the prospective view, because this option is
hidden. so:

1. why to hide this WODERFULL feature? maybe it isn't stable yet?

2. if this update is not for the prospetcive view what are the new
features? it corrects some bugs? more speed in calculating itinerary?
or what?

1. I agree that Perspective mode is a WONDERFUL feature. I'm not sure why BMW opted to hide the activation of this in the hidden service menus, but I feel pretty confident that BMW wouldn't have allowed it to be released on the final V27 version if it wasn't stable. I've been running the hacked V26 version for quite some time now and it's been rock solid.

2. I haven't heard of any other new features besides perspective yet. But BMW has made lots of Nav OS updates over the years without having any major enhancements (until V26, that is). So likely it's just some additional refinement of the software code.


p.s. I loved seeing the screen shots of your Perspective mode in Italy. Very cool
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