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Originally Posted by Thecastle View Post
Great minds think a like :-) X5M is a perfect company car and an excellent tow vehicle.

Hmm, I'd check a credit union or another dealer to see if they can sell you a warranty. My big saga with Autonation wasn't that they couldn't sell me a warranty but after the contract was signed wanted to tell me they couldn't sell me a warranty at that price and wanted to change the price after the sale. But we did finally reach terms on the extended warranty. The actual underwriter is Continuous Customer Care. GS Administraors Inc, 1345 Enclave Parkway, Houston TX 77077 1-799-833-8443. As always shop around there are huge price differences. My Master Mecahnic says the actual price on one for an M is $1800 (if you believe them).

Generally I'm not a big fan of extended warranties, in fact this is the 1st ever I've purchased on a used car. But given the expense of the car and the horror stories I've ready on the closely related but not the same N63 I decided to get one. Normally,I look at Edmond True cost to own for 5 years and just save monthly the expected repairs and maintenance costs in a fund. If I don't spend it, its a down payment on a new car. BTW I'm not super worried about this engine self destructing like the N63. One of the biggest issues with the N63 is very high operating temps which degrades all the engine seals. Normal operating coolant temp is 105-108c. The S63 has a low temp thermostat which keeps the engine at around 93c. This makes a big difference in component longevity.

My X5 M did not come with a hitch. I had a BMW E70 hitch installed by my indy mecahnic. After having done hitch installs 3 times in the last 5 years, I decided to pay someone ;-). Plus he can do the coding etc. The E70 BMW hitch inludes wiring harness, hitch and template for a small bumper cut at the bottom for clearing the hitch. Its not a big deal to me.

The official US tow rating is 6000lbs with 600lbs tongue weight. In Europe they list the same car as capable of 7700lbs, but the max tow speeds in Europe are lower (generally 55mph max) than the US and as such Europeans typically run lower tongue weights. Where I live highways are generally 75-85mph and I like to tow at the speed of semi's around 65-75mph.

I have a 23ft Flagstaff Microlite 21DS which weighs about 5000lbs typically, and has ~500lbs of tongue weight. I use an anti-sway weight distribution hitch and the X5 M tows beautifully. I would never say you can't tell the trailer is back there, but its very relaxed and easy to tow with. I also get generally good gas mileage around 9.5-10mpg while towing. I don't have pictures at the moment of the hitch. I can snap a few if your really interested (I keep the X5 M garaged in my company storage shed, so its not at my house).
Great! Thanks for all the info, I feel the same way about S63 vs N63, generally about all M cars if I am going to say anything at all.
My 96 M3 has 247k on it and I beat the piss out of it.
It's been a great car, my experience has been that in general any way.
The injector and High pressure fuel pumps are identical to the N63 so I am glad they have them replaced and covered under warranty.
Also the foot well module!
The injectors, Highpressure fuel pumps and foot well module are all now covered with the first 10yr/120,000 mile warranty from the first in service date.
I got the run down in my full history, the injectors were changed 15k ago, the fuel pumps have not.
Drive shaft and a couple coil packs have been done.

Drivers air bags are available now, passenger ones still do not have an ETA.

I already felt good about my purchase but feel even better today, I went and talked to the dealer that took it on trade as it seemed questionable why it looked like the Toyota dealer sold it, brought it back into inventory and then sent it to auction.
They didn't sell it, someone messed up and put it on sale with open recalls.
They told me their new policy is to not sell anything with unresolved open recalls that don't have remedies available.

Explains why two Toyota dealers I've seen that got these into inventory wholesaled them with low miles instead of selling them.

Thanks for all the replies!

Hoping the Toyota dealer finds the other key too, I bought a spare today and it was $305 with the metal key, they sell them separately!
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