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Originally Posted by e39_touring View Post
That error is because the sd card is not being read. The card slot is sort of chinsy and wierd. iirc, on the bottom slot, the sd card contacts have to face up. And, even though the card feels like it's in, it's not. Use a small flat blade screwdriver to gently push the card in further until you feel it click, then give it another shot.

wow bud thanks for this.. I will try that out later.. i appreciate the feedback..

10.30.17 update: Attempted the above approach and still no dice = no NAV... I think I will try holding the SD Card in with the screwdriver and running the NAV. If that works, that means I may have to McGuyver it in there. If not, based on a convo with the gent over at J&T, I will need to buy a new SDC.

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