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Originally Posted by Crowz View Post
I never found a hex set that works with my X5. I reprogrammed my other bmw's read right temp wise but I cant find anything for the X5
I found the hex code for our E53 X5 Crowz. Like the E39, the code is in 2 places and must be modified in both addresses. The addresses for the code string are:

0x0F0 rolling into 0x100
0x290 rolling into 0x02A0

My original hex code starting at:
0F 62 32 CB 4B CB 73 38 78 6A 7D FF
Changed to:
0F 62 3C CB 55 CB 5F 38 6E 6A 73 FF

This brought my buffer to 10C (85C-95C) instead of the ridiculous 40C (75C-115C) and lowered my red zone from 125C to 115C so I have some early warning to shut it down without killing the engine. It also brought my blue zone from 50C to 60C so I would have been alerted about my soft fail thermostat easier.

I programmed the EEPROM and took it for a ride with Torque Pro running and it is right on the money. I can not test the red zone but it can only be spot on as well.

For anyone wanting to change the buffer on the stock X5 E53 you need PA Soft 1.4 software. Here are step-by-step instructions with PA Soft 1.4
1) Click on IKE.
2) Click "Read EEPROM"
3) Hex editor functions are in the lower left hand corner. Click the floppy disk icon to save the factory loaded file onto your desktop as backup.
4) Make revisions from "factory" values to "revised" values shown above: Find the corresponding offset and move the cursor over the bytes to be revised. You can use arrow keys to move the cursor as well.
5) Click "Write EEPROM." Your cluster will flash and beep several times after completion -- and like magic, your gauge will now reflect more accurately what's happening under the hood.
6) You will need to reset you time and date after the cluster EEPROM has been flashed

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