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Originally Posted by motordavid View Post
Our 2001 E53 is 16+ years old and not exactly a garage queen, but the lenses still look damn good, imo.

And, most of the ~115k miles have come on long road trips hauling azz up and down the interstates, which often are not kind 'front face' miles. Maybe we just got lucky...
GL, mD

How frequently do you wash your cars. Is it more "as needed" or more "religiously?"

Also, how much time do/did your Xs spend in the PNW as opposed to the Carolinas and Florida?

I ask because it is my suspicion is that most of the lens damage comes not from rocks or similar strikes, or from age, but from the number of bugs being busted. When I was living in Bellingham, WA and in Green Bay, WI, I believe the lenses "aged" at a much slower rate than when I lived in NC and SC.

Here in SC, I notice when I have left a squashed bug on the car longer than the normal time between washes, I see a yellowing of the lens where big bigs were made into ex-bugs.
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