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Originally Posted by Skyline View Post
What makes you think a typical tire shop is going to have a 3/4" torque wrench? And if it does, they probably use the thing as a breaker bar, and ruined any chance of accuracy. Most tire shops just use their air guns for everything. Not a good plan.

There are auto parts stores that rent tools, but a 3/4" torque wrench is a not a common tool unless you work on trucks.

The problem with your plan, is that if you over-torque or under torque the wheel bearing (and drive on it), you're going to ruin it. Or it will be fine, and fail again in a few months. And once it's overtorqued, the damage is done. Get your hands on a proper torque wrench BEFORE you do the job. There are decent used torque wrenches on eBay, (search for Snap-on 3/4" Torque wrench) but they start at several hundred dollars; about 30-40% of new cost. This is a HUGE torque wrench, and they don't come cheap. Here's an example of a new one:

While Snap-on is certainly top shelf, at 3/4" drive there are not the vast options available at 1/2" drive. And if you buy used, you're going to need to send it back to Snap-on or CDI to get it calibrated before you use it. You can also hand it to a Snap-on mobile dealer. Expect to pay another $100 or so for this service including return shipping. But you'll still save several hundred or more vs. buying new. CDI makes most of Snap-on's torque wrenches, and the CDI labeled products run a bit less money than the Snap-on, but still you're talking $550 or so for a new one.
That is good advice. I always torque to spec when I work on things. I agree that most use their guns, I would do the same. I guess it would be better to take to BMW and have them torque it down, and charge me for 30 min labor. That sounds like a plan.

My gun wouldn't over torque I'm sure, but if I can get to 250+ torque lbs vs 330 or whatever it is, I can't see that causing it to fail.
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