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Hi JP,
Technically nothing went wrong with the rebuild - there are really four components in the Vanos assembly. The intake and exhaust camshaft pistons, intake and exhaust solenoid/actuator rods and exhaust camshaft position sensor. When I rebuilt the piston o-rings and teflon seals I did not clean or rebuild the solenoid/actuator assemblies and I believe the exhaust side solenoid failed or the actuator plunger gummed up. It can get costly to rebuild the entire unit on your own, but with a higher mileage vehicle its so much easier and cost effective to replace the whole unit with either a Dr Vanos one or even a new one from Ecs The procedure is not difficult but tedious because of all the steps needed to get the valve cover off. Beisan systems website has detailed instructions that make it a breeze. If you are interested in doing it read through the procedure...and since Ive done this on my X3 and also a BMW 330i I should be able answer a question or two....
'06 X3
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