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Originally Posted by Wahooz View Post
I'm down to the last two valve seals...both the intake side valves closest to the firewall...for those that have done this job, how the heck did you do those two valves?! I've removed the intake for better visibility and clearance (plus I'm doing the valley pan and coolant transfer pipe while I'm in there), but there is so little room to work and even less visibility of the actual valve, spring and retainer due to the cradle that holds the cam position sensor. I'm literally laying on top of the engine and can barely see the top of the spring. I'm able to get the AGA tool on the top of the spring and can compress it for rocker removal, but can barely see the retainers (so not sure how the heck I'm going to get them back on, even w/ the special AGA tool), and did a dry run w/ various hose pliers and cannot get any of them to reach the actual seal for removal. Any hints, tips or tricks you guys can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

I've even considered saying "screw it" for those last two, but I'd really hate to give up having done the other 30 seals.

Lastly, gregg, thanks for updating the flickr acct and getting those pics back up...immensely helpful!
You are welcome, I have to update all my other write ups still.....

Regarding the valves you are doing right now; and I have not but am thinking out-loud, any chance you can kick the engine forward?
I mean; any chance you can jack the transmission side up, any chance you can loosen engine mounts in front and possibly tilt one side of an engine vs the other?

Regarding removing valve keepers: once you release pressure on the valve keepers, you do use a magnetic wand to pull them; correct?

Finally; speaking with BMW mechanics I know, the book calls to pull the engine but I do know they do the work with the engine in the car, so it must be possible.

Good Luck (I still need to do my valves).
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