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05 x3 3.0 cranks but will not start

So Iíve done a bunch of searching and havenít found a good explination/solution for this one, so I figured Iíd post in and see what suggestions anyone might have (maybe they encountered this before). Iíll dump out some facts and troubleshooting attempts:

I have a 2005 X3 E83 3.0. It cranks fine, but will not start

On occasion, It blips and seems like it ďmightĒ start, but only for a moment.

The fuel pump was changed. Measuring 50PSI at the rail with a fuel pressure gauge.

I removed 4 plugs just to check for a flooded fuel condition (it was suggested in one of the forum searches)...but the plugs are dry, not the issue.

In addition, putting starter fluid into the cylinders directly makes no difference, it will not try to start. So based on the above pressure and no effect from starter fluid, I believe the fuel system is not the issue.

It has spark. Tested grounding a plug and trying to start it. You clearly can see spark from the plug.

Attempted to start with the MAS airflow sensor disconnected, no difference (another forum search result).

Hereís the kicker, NO ERROR CODES PRESENT.

Iím thinking position sensor OR perhaps the ECM at this point. Any constructive opinions/insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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