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Just wanted to update this thread. Got the job done today. My X5 didnt have the electric ebrake servo motor attached to the calipers, so that made it much easier. I did get a 3/4" breaker bar and electric torque wrench attachment capable of 800 foot pounds.

I highly suggest getting a new hub along with the wheel bearing. I had a bearing installer/puller I used to press the hub into the wheel bearing. I did have to take the ebrake off, but it's simple once you know how. Getting any long wrench in for the wheel bearing bolts was very difficult. I could not get a torque wrench on them (4) but I got them very very tight. I aldo bought a axle puller to I was able to pull the axle once hub was installed. I aldo had to rent a hub puller, but I get my money back on that once returned to advanced auto.

I did make a rookie mistake, pushed the brake petal trying to start the car, and freaking caliper piston came out. I ripped the boot trying to Install. Ordered one from BMW to the sum of $80, dang!! Needless to say I bleed the brake fluids also. It wasn't the most horrible job ever but I don't want to do it again anytime soon.
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