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4.8i N62 - bogging down on acceleration

Grateful for some thoughts on the following.

Car has 104K miles on it - and I changed the oil, plugs and coil packs at 100K (when I bought the car) - I used the correct Castrol oil, ngk plugs and bosch coil packs, but recently, when accelerating from a standstill, the car seems to bog down a bit and the engine almost sounds like it might stall/revs drop a tiny amount before the car picks up. On hard acceleration is makes a lot of noise and then eventually pulls like a train - whereas on gentle acceleration it pulls very smoothly. The car has good power, is fast and no dash warning lights - but it seems a bit sluggish to get going.

I know my rear subframe bushes are complete gone/collapsed, and I have new ones to put in (just need a spare weekend!) and I've also got new lambda/O2 sensors (simply due to the mileage) - I have no lights on the dash but some historic misfire codes... (so perhaps MAF could do with replacement...?)

Also I want to change the gear box fluid and filter (mindful of potential need to flush again after a few days of use - car has no real history to speak of prior to my ownership...).

Any thoughts other than the issues I've identified and will hopefully be addressing soon? Vanos valves could be gunked up I suppose? Have changed a few on friends' E90s, but they had codes which had popped up and lights on the dash...

Many thanks!
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