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The Dinan air box tube is a larger Diameter as is the aluminum sleeve that the MAF sensor is attached. The reason for the larger throttle body is to match up with the other components so increase in air coming in is not restricted by the stock diameter throttle body.

Whenever you increase the air in exhaust out must be addressed or that becomes the restriction point of maximizing the air in mod. In my view mods should be determined based on value. How much gain for how much investment. If there is an exception it is a lower restriction exhaust as stock exhaust restricts performance even before any mods.

Dinan is no longer owned by Steve Dinan and prices have changed as well as the requirement that installs must be done by authorized dealers. Some reasons Dinan products were high priced was due to the research, testing, longterm verification and their warranty.

It is always best practice when doing mods to avoid breaking new ground especially on a daily driver.You never know for sure what the outcome will be in gain or reliability. The result can easily be less reliability and due to the complexity of creating a custom tune the best course to take is buy mods that come with a matched tune as Dinan does. When one does shade tree engineering mods it is very important to pay for dyno time to see if what you have done is good or bad. Pricey even in the DFW area. Dinan has done the Dyno testing.

I have a generalized value equation of doing mods (above) that I use faithfully. If I ever spend money to purchase something where I don't know what the benefit will be I don't expect if will be a good value decision.
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