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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
As I mentioned earlier in this thread (dozens of pages back!) you can get this done without touching the inner joint.

Remove the wheel.
Undo the lower control arm at chassis end only.
Remove the outer boot clamps and slide the outer boot back down the axle.
While pulling the hub outwards, seat a heavy alloy drift on the inner shoulder of the outer CV joint (right next to the axle) and smack it. Once is usually enough to pop the axle from the outer CV joint. It helps to use something to stop the axle moving outwards too, like vice-grips (tape the axle to protect it). Support the axle so as to not damage inner CV etc.
Remove the old boot from the axle.
Slide new boot over axle.
Clean and re-lube CV (the balls can even be removed for cleaning etc.)
Re-install axle back into outer CV.
Slide new boot over joint and secure with new boot clamps.
Re-install lower control arm and wheel.

This method is quick, reduces the number of items you have to pull apart but requires some technique (separating the axle from the CV). It also requires a helper and some luck!
I agree, from having done it just now, and seeing how things went, this would be the first attempt if/when I have to do it again.

The tricky thing is to hold the axle and tap the outer joint off the axle splines + c-ring. My slide hammer did that pretty easily (when I was not trying to do it), pulling from the inner end of the axle. But yes, I'd try exactly what you say as my first attempt.

And yes, not having to touch the inner boot/joint at all would be a huge benefit, since it seems the inner boots last relatively forever, vs. the outer boots.

It would have been great for me to find this before doing the job just now, but you know, buried in 38 pages of other stuff ... But now I know.
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