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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post

- Appreciate the trick for undoing the OUTER CV Joint. But my experience in Volvo is that the OUTER has a hidden C-clip inside the OUTER CV Joint,
which can be difficult to spread apart to pull the joint apart.


- The INNER Tripod, no need to use slide hammer, a simple puller, even 2-prong puller, will do just fine.
On the outer joint, yes, it has what I would call a c-ring in the splined shaft. It has a circular cross section, is pretty much circular in shape, is a little bigger than the shaft diameter, and sits in a rectangular circumferential groove in the splined shaft.

So to put the splined axle shaft back in to the outer joint, you need to press the ring so it sits in the groove and can be inserted. Rotating the wheel to get it around the circumference is the trick to get it back in. To get it out, I think it relies more on force and luck, which yes, makes it not the sort of thing you want to have on your only solution path. Similar to insertion, I expect that rotating the wheel while pulling might help it settle into the groove.

When I used the slide hammer on the inner end, I knew it was overkill and did not expect to need to pull very hard. But that inner 3-wheel thing was really stuck on there as it turns out, and the c-ring holding the outer end in place popped right out.

Yes, next time, I would get a simple puller on the inner end (not sure if I have one of these that would work right now). But still, seeing how easily the outer end popped out for me, I'd at least try that. This is mainly guided by the fact that the inner boots last forever, and the outer ones last about as long as tires do. So if the inner one can be left completely untouched, I think that would be my first approach.
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