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Good morning all....been a long-time E46 owner but the arrival of my second child necessitated something bigger! Last car was a 330cic with just 52k miles, and most every option...was fortunate to get a really good price in a private sale and almost a week later lock up a 2004 X5 3.0 with just 59k miles! Car is equipped with premium package and cold weather package, pano sunroof, and adaptive headlights.

I'm looking forward to being semi active on the board but will most likely just lurk through various threads to find what I need. Took delivery yesterday and have already installed an AUX cord and bluetooth receiver so I can stream music. Also used a post on here to realize my rear AC vent was stuck closed and just needed to be popped open with a long flathead (helpful in 102 degrees here in Philly).

Next steps are to take to my mechanic to have him give a once owner and assess any needed items. Valve cover gasket has been done but it seems like cooling system might be original or at the very least not very new, so that will be a priority. Also kind of uncertain about changing the trans fluid which I'm sure has never been done. Car shifts smoothly and rows between park/reverse/neutral/drive easily, so I'm not overly concerned but would love fresh fluids in there.

There is also a decent vibration in the steering wheel at idle, but very smooth once on slight or heavy throttle. Would this be motor mounts or is this pretty standard in E53s?

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