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Wow, my ass crack is sweating.

6 pages and no fix?

I made the mistake of thinking replacing the brake booster (which requires removal and drainage of the mcyl etc) would be straightforward. There is no way to get away from this job without introducing at least some air into the circuit. I thought with the right software (I have both INPA and ISTA) this would be trivial. Boy was I wrong.

After spending a week trying to bleed with 2-man pedal method and getting nowhere (pedal goes RIGHT to floor, virtually no resistance) I sprang for a Schwaben pressure bleeder. Almost right away I got a ton of air (kinda like frothy brake fluid) out of the front right and front left lines, and pedal feel improved considerably. Some air came out of the rears but not much.

Its fairly hard with the car off, but as soon as I start the car (and the vacuum assist kicks in) the pedal sinks almost to the floor. For the first 80% of the travel of the brake pedal, I have NO BRAKES. Then at 85% or so, car starts to slow, and if I press it to 90-95% of travel the brakes will lock. So the brakes work, just not for the first 80-85% of pedal travel!

I am fortunate to have a gravel driveway so I pulled some serious hard brake skids, went back and bled it. Not much (if any) air comes out; pedal is like mush.

Pulling my hair out - where to from here??? I see a couple of you have been to the dealer who couldn't figure this out either!!
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