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Tires, Lifts, and More!

Looking for lift and tire idea/suggestions for our E53s, now, obviously X5's weren't designed for overlanding or anything crazy but with the guides being soon replaced on my M62tu I figure I might as well go all out and make a fun semi-reliable SUV.

What's out there for lift kits? There's cheap-o kits like this one on ebay but I'm skeptical they work:

Ideally i'd like to achieve something like this:

So i'm looking for ideas and suggestions that don't consist of "get a Toyota or Jeep". Trust me, i've looked and the only thing remotely appealing was the FZJ80 and 4runner, but with its camry-like interior and 14 MPG... I decided to pass.

E39 / E53 / E90 / F30
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