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problem solved

After installing my bluetooth kit, on my 01 x5, the system was not working in a good way, sometime no audio output, the SES jumper was changed 3 times,the adapter cable was changed twice first one I had it from advanced autovations the second one I had it from Martin Bishope. The ulf initially, I had the 1st generation now I have the 7th generaion, also not all the time I will get audio output> I had changed the radio head unit, still no help. Finally I went to the dealer to order the phone wiring cable for a bluetooth as the last hope, actually it did solve the problem completely, it took about 2 hours to complete the job(Idid it my self).

Well, there is a diagram for a phone wiring posted by Janix: this wiring cable is for he European market not the US market, since the one I had is completley defferent. BMW confirmed that after I showed them the website.
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