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Whistle Lets Talk Diesel Fuel and Additives? Yes? No? Maybe?

Okay, so I know BMW's line on additives is no..

I can't seem to find a minimum recommended Cetane rating in my owner's manual or online, though it seems VW recommends around 50 Cetane as a minimum, and that most European Diesel starts around 52 and goes up to mid 60's for 'premium Diesel' offerings..

I also am finding as I do more and more research that Diesel fuel in general is of wildly varying quality in the good ole USA..

Appears the Federal Government mandates Sulfur content and a minimum of 40 Cetane rating, and not much else, and suppliers seem to have found no market for 'premium' fuels, and they are therefore almost non existent..

It also seems some states have higher mandates for minimum Cetane ratings (Texas and California, for example seem to have a minimum of 50 if I understand correctly)..

I've heard claims that higher Cetane ratings can help reduce that just off idle, less than pleasant Chatter/Rattle (I'm completely fine with the Diesel idle noise, and underway/load noises BTW, but this one grates on me, as it just doesn't feel right, almost like knock in a gas engine to me), but my main concern is getting the best performance/mileage and longevity out of our new (to us) X5 35d..

So if what I am reading is right, and most Diesel fuels available in my area barely meet a minimum Cetane rating of 40, maybe there is something to additives for Diesel Fuels (would still love to know what BMW's recommendation is for Cetane rating, and I've seen writings about the big three domestic Diesel truck makers testing engines on, and factory filling with minimum 50 Cetane Diesel).

I've also read peoples recommendations to buy from a high volume fueling station, but I don't really live near a highway station that I can be sure of good Diesel turn over. Finding out the amount of Diesel fuel a station moves also seems problematic, as no one at the station has a clue, or information on anyone I can talk to that might. I even went as far as 'talking to' one of the truck drivers resupplying a station, without much clarity..

It also seems nearly impossible to ascertain the actual Cetane rating of fuels at the pump, with most being unmarked, or showing the minimum requirement.

And it also seems like important factors like lubricity, detergents, anti-gel, and such are a shot in the dark as well, with little to no regulation..

To top it off, my research so far seems to suggest that Maryland seems to have some pretty crappy Diesel, as far as I can tell from multiple Diesel oriented forums (VW, Merc, big 3 trucks, etc)...

Southern States seems to be about the only fuel supplier I can find locally with a premium product (Brochure), but the closest station is a half hour plus drive away, and not near any place I travel to regularly.

So I started trying to research additives..

There seems to be a lot of good said about a couple of them..
And was wondering if there was any first hand experience here with usage? Maybe even from the crowd running tunes?

They seem to tout more power, smoother running and better fuel economy..

Snake Oil, or the real deal?

The ones that I've become interested in are:

HotShots Diesel Extreme (couple of times a year) along with
HotShots EDT (Every Day Treatment)


Redline Diesel Fuel Catalyst

I've heard some claim that these treatments can help reduce the use of DEF as well, by lowering the need for Regen cycles.

I didn't realize what a headache fueling a Diesel was going to be. Wish I could be like most and not think about this stuff, but that's just not me..

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