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Cornwall to SE Ukraine and back

Well our annual pilgrimage to Kherson Ukraine has now ended...... the 3rd time that I have driven, rather than flying and then having to endure a 14 hour train trip, just to get to to my mother-in-laws, and the nagging feeling that we had to do it all again when we returned home.
The difference this year was the new addition to the family, our X5 e70 3.0d which took the trip in its stride, it crossed the EU without missing a beat, it had been well prepared, serviced and had breakdown insurance etc (I believe in concrete underpants etc)...... then we reached the unforgiving roads of Ukraine..... the car did as it was asked of it. We did develop the leaky air bag syndrome where everything was OK when driving and when we parked up, but in the morning, the suspension had dropped...... air bags were obtained via a stockist in Ukraine, they arrived by post the next morning..... all fitted and the problem was cured the next day.
The car after this, behaved itself, we were getting over 600 miles to a tank. I am not known for having a light right foot..... but our two trips to Odessa to pick up one of our daughters from the airport and the second to send her back as she had cost far too much money allowed me to test out the new airbags and also experience some of the better roads that are available. Unless you have experienced driving over there, or have seen video, you have no idea just how bad some of the roads are.
One little niggle that I need to sort out, the hand brake lever decided to part company with the switch body...... don't know why it did it, it just came away, I am not heavy handed, just heavy right footed, but the switch handle just came away when lifted..... so now trying to find a non-auto hold version of the switch.
So, basically, the result from our trip, compared to the last two years when driving a Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DiD is that the Beemer X5 3.0d coped with the conditions really well, was obviously a lot faster when crossing France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland, and other than, what I would call "stock faults" coped with what Ukraine had to throw at it.
5000 miles later, the car is parked up, resting.... meanwhile, I am still getting orders from the wife, who even though, never got into the drivers seat was equally as involved with the driving...... I guess her snoring was actively helping with my concentration :P I am not going to get involved with arguing, just do the and leave her to it...... 2156 miles from door to door, we left Kherson at 8am, (which is 2 hours ahead of GMT) on Wednesday 8th Aug and we parked up in Cornwall at 4am (UK time) 11th Aug, which included the Ukraine /Poland border crossing and of course the ferry from Calais to Dover...... I don't think that we did too bad...... just need to find a new switch now :O
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