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ABS / DSC Module

Re: 2005 X3, 2.5, 134K, Automatic Trans...

I had the ABS / Brake / 4x4 lights come on on my dash. A scan showed that it needed the right rear speed sensor. I bought an OEM one and all was well. For about 1500 miles. Then the lights came on again. Same codes. (5E42 & 5E3E) Replaced the new one with another new one and all was well again. For about 1000 miles. Then they came back on again. I am either the unluckiest man in the world and bought 2 bad wheel speed sensors or it's something else.

Some research showed that a bad ABS module could show up as a wheel sensor issue. I'm thinking about buying a used ABS module - a few reputable used parts shops have them for reasonable prices - but was wondering if a used one will need to be / can be coded to the car?

I had a Saab a number of years ago that needed a part that couldn't be coded to the car. I had to send the used one out to be wiped clean. Anyone have any idea if this is the case for the X3 ABS module? If so, anyone know of a company that does this (well) with BMW parts?


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