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Originally Posted by oldskewel View Post
You could also try swapping injectors between two cylinders to see if the problem moves.

Also, most of the story sounds pretty normal, and your debugging is great. Except what about this: "2 plugs cores were burned and the tips of the plugs were burned right off" ???

I'd try to figure out an explanation for that one and not just hope it does not come back.
So from lack of fuel from the fuel pump being vad overheated the plugs and. Burned the resistors off the ends. Itís not a mechanical problem because it comes and goes and corrects itself immediately after restart. As far as the compression goes, I donít think it can be a compression issue, unless I burned a valve from running lean, but I find that very unlikely as Iíve been driving all day and am currently sitting in truck now and itís running fine. I understand the cylinder shutdown but even if it detected a misfire why would it come and go even while running and even when I clear codes or whatever. Sometimes it fixes itself while driving,
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