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Originally Posted by upallnight View Post
If you do swap out the injectors buy some new o-rings. The o-rings are probably pretty deformed from years of heat and cold cycles. Reusing old o-rings will just cause problems down the line. If you know anything about BMW's rubber o-rings is that you don't want to reuse them.
I actually just replaced all the injector seals on my M54, while rebuilding the top end at 186k miles. I found the o-rings to be pretty good looking, actually. I did replace them though, because they came in the head gasket kit.

Here are the part numbers:
6x lower O-Rings for Fuel Injector (7.52 X 3.52 mm) 13641437487
6x upper O-Rings for Fuel Injector (9.2 X 2.8 mm) 13641437486
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