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Originally Posted by srmmmm View Post
Don't go too long on opening the door lock manually - the mechanism only lasted about 3 months on mine before the entire cylinder just spun in the door handle. I was forced to replace it and get a new key after the key had stopped transmitting.

2002 X5 3.0 348,200 miles
2014 428i 40,000 miles

2004 325i sold at 123,600 miles
2001 325i sold at 66,000 miles

1970 Firebird Under restoration
That may have more to do with the THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND MILES you have on your X5.

Holy crap man - that is incredible! That is literally *over* three and a half times as many miles as mine has. I have about 89,000 on my '04 X5 and freaking everything is breaking on it! Seriously - I've replaced three power locks, two window regulators, one cylinder head, both rear air shocks, all of my calipers and rotors, installed a stent to fix a coolant leak, replaced the upper rad hose. I still need to install another new window regulator, my rear tailgate release is broken, neither of my keys work, my gauge cluster needs to be replaced (I guess ), the transmission seems a little rougher than it used to, the engine feels down in power, there's a lot of oil around my power steering pump, I need to replace the hood alarm sensor, both of my headlights are a bit hazy looking and need to be sanded and refinished...

How did you do it? How did you keep up with the repairs for 350,000 miles?

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