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Problem with 2004 BMW X5 remote keys

Pretty sure srmmmm just has a personal dynometer where he parks his X5 when he's not driving it so he can keep the engine at normal operating temperature at all times even when he's sleeping.

Trade off or piling on an insane amount of miles but they are low impact miles!

All in jest of course. He has the M54 engine one of the most reliable engines of all times and maintains with prevention in mind rather than wait for it to fail first.

I bought my car at 128,000. The engine looked and performed like new when I got it and the suspension and chassis performed like a sports car.

Going through some growing pains right now but once they are ironed out I'm confident I'll be back on track to double my original miles: my goal is to get 1/4 of a million before I upgrade to my next X5. I want one with dynamic drive.

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