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Unhappy Hurricane help

In my haste of getting ready for our potential hurricane, I put 5 gallons of diesel from one of my storage tanks in and now coincidentally I am getting the dreaded engine malfunction/loss of power icon. When I run the codes, I am getting 48DC (boost pressure sensor),4B82(EGR), 4862(MAF), 4C83(Exhaust pressure upstream), 4507(EGR), and 3F25 (lower charge air hose). I have to believe this fuel is causing the issue as I just ran it up to Columbia and back without issue doing 80+ the whole way. After this started, I treated the tank with some of the diesel Kleen produts: the biocide, the diesel clear, and the one with the cetane booster. It seems to be idling fine and sounds totally normal but really hesitates on acceleration before going into limp mode. Thoughts??
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