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Unhappy Doors will not unlock!!

I have a 2008 BMW x5 4.8i, I recently had to replace my driver door due to damage. I ordered a used door online and I installed it Saturday morning, I ran in to some issues that I didn't have until the replacement door was put on. After installing the new door on the vehicle the door would open and close with no problem. I had to do some other things and figured I would come back later or the next morning to finish putting the interior door panel on and exchange the old key locking cylinder that matched my key over to the new door.
I manually put the locking pin down on the door I had just installed to test it out when I try to open or unlock the vehicle with the key fob nothing happens!!!
I thought it was just a problem with the new door I had installed and locked the passenger door manually. I am not able to unlock that door now either!
I tried to open the door from the inside by pulling the handle twice, the pin pops up but as soon as I let go of the handle it goes back down.
I have tried unlocking with both the key fob and the interior lock/unlock button and no luck.
The alarm system activates like normal but the doors will not lock/unlock.
I never finished putting the interior door panel back on because I cannot open the door. I also cannot use the key to unlock the door because the cylinder on the new door doesn't match my key.
The 2 back door and the tailgate open and close fine, I cannot lock them though.
Not sure what is going on, I thought I would try to get some answers or advice before I take it in to the shop! any help is appreciated!!
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