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I'll hold off until these come back in supply again and prices come down, or maybe I'll use the Dayton Reference woofers and find a different silk dome tweeter as well - not cost effective for me to spend $500+ on the upgrade when all said and done (the midranges for the rear doors are another $60)
RB, If I can suggest something, JUST replace the front speakers near front winsdcreen with the Vifa/other brands of that same size (using factory plastic basket) as that was BY FAR the biggest/cleanest update while still utilizing the factory radio/amp. THEN the front door tweeters... If I had my time back I'd NOT replace the 6" speakers as I feel the BMW ones offer a bit better OR even same sound response as the JL's and It took me a few hours to remove speaker, remove speaker physically from its plastic basket perfectly, clean basket, silicone install new JL speakers, let them cure and reinstall. Not worth it to me. The sound increase from the other two speakers (tweeters and mid range) are MUCH more impressive (and way cheaper).
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